Monet's House and Gardens

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Click here to see map of garden. Numbers show where I stood when I shot the photos shown below. Note--a road separates the flower and water gardens. They are connected by a tunnel.

Fleur-de-lis (1)

Dalia (identified by Don Packwood) (2)

View of House from Flower Garden (3)

Entrance to Water Garden (4)

One of Monet's Favorite Places to Sit (5)

View of Japanese Bridge (6)

View Under an Arbor (identified by Don Packwood as a Wisteria Vine) (7)

Boat and Water Lilies (8)

Poppy (identified by Don Packwood) (9)

Monet's House (10)

View of Valley from Hillside above Monet's House

View Down Road Near Monet's House (12)

Monet Family Plot (Actually it is his wife's family plot)

Church in Giverny (the only one)

Other vacations

For detailed information on Monet and his gardens, check this link-- Giverny - Vernon : Impressionist gardens